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    Scale farming

    Scale farming

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      Excellent company according to the requirements of the target coal group diversified development strategy, and "the central committee of the communist party of China, the state council on deepening structural reform to speed up agricultural rural agricultural supply side several opinions to the development of new kinetic energy file, article 7: the construction of modern agriculture industrial park, a clear based on the large-scale planting base, relying on the industrialization of agriculture leading enterprises, gather the modern factors of production, construction and other Production + processing + technology ” The modern agricultural industrial park plays a role in technical integration, industrial integration, entrepreneurial platform and core radiation. This is a key development plan for agriculture in China. The company stands in the direction and height of the development trend of national agriculture and animal husbandry, and plans the modern agriculture and animal husbandry project。



      The first phase of modern agricultural and pastoral projects, total investment of 20,562.33 million yuan, construction of 2 chicken chicken farms, a total of 22 chicken houses; Modern agriculture and animal husbandry phase ii project, a total investment of 204.7037 million yuan, the construction of the project includes three sub item content: the construction of a kind of farm (including hatcheries) living stock 111000 sets, 36 million breeder eggs hatch ability; 1 organic fertilizer plant with annual organic fertilizer of 6380,000 tons; 1 high-quality fruit and vegetable base, mainly building 85 solar greenhouse。


      The planning of modern agriculture and animal husbandry project will establish the whole industry chain mode of high-quality, safe and multi-varieties of green chicken food from base to table. Further attention in the central and provincial provinces. Agriculture, rural areas and farmers & throughout; Working to speed up the transformation of economic growth mode, all industrial chains will be improved, which will result in a food supply base in three northeastern provinces. Central kitchen。


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