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    Brand concept

    Brand concept

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      After seventeen years of persistent efforts, excellent company will "win the world, and all the people" as the enterprise mission, will be "where the table is our products" as the enterprise vision, "DE cheng ZhuoZheng" as the company's core values, to do the "to do fine, do bigger and stronger, ready to do fast and become bigger and stronger" as the spirit of enterprise, establish the humanist, goals, scientific management system of operation management. The company's cohesion is enhanced through strong quality and external image, and the core competitiveness of the company is improved. To realize the harmony and unity of corporate culture and development strategy, the harmony and unity between the company's cultural philosophy and concrete practice, and the harmonious and unified management mode of the company's development and staff development. The implementation of the system management enterprise, relying on the brand to win the market, and the quality to win customers, to build the domestic and foreign competitive chicken enterprises laid a solid foundation。


      Outstanding challenge company will, as always, endeavour, based on the market, the tree one hundred years and own a bright national food industry, known as early as possible to create with remarkable characteristics of Chinese poultry food industry world-class strategic aircraft carrier。

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