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      Jilin superior industry co., LTD., founded in 1999, is located in huinan county, jilin province belongs to the jilin province coal group co., LTD., guo-sheng zhu by the legal representative, registered capital of 193.297878 million yuan, the company has food industrial park by the European Union, covers an area of more than 200 square meters, existing staff 1200 people, the total assets of 400 million yuan, is a concentration of feed production, chicken breeding, meat (eggs) in raw chicken raising, chicken products and deep processing, cold storage and distribution, international trade in one of the national key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization。


      Company owns 24 million slaughter capacity only chicken processing factory and annual output of 30000 tons of cooked food deep processing products factory, the whole process of automation control of feed mills, hatching 3500 high quality meat chicken hatchery, living rose 308 broilers 500000 sets of breeding poultry base, is a large supply of meat chicken base in the northeast。



      The sales revenue of 2016 was 450 million yuan, profit was 10.2 million yuan, and the tax payment was 1.1 million yuan. In 2017, it is expected to complete sales revenue of 470 million yuan, profit 13.2 million yuan, and pay taxes of 1 million yuan。


      The huge demand of the market for healthy food is the focus of the research and development direction of the company's technology center. After thorough investigation of the market, the company's professional research and development team has created an "& ldquo". Excellence & throughout; Brand and featured products. The main brand of the company's products is “ Excellence & throughout; Brand chicken products, “ Phoenix f # & throughout; Brand adjustment. & other; Excellence & throughout; There are 30 kinds of 70 kinds of brand - processing products. Phoenix f # & throughout; Brand toning category of chicken products in six categories: regulate, Fried, powder coating, restructuring, barbecue, cooking, specific varieties have chicken flesh of flesh center section, lion, boneless chicken fillet, sichuan spicy chicken row, 47 varieties. The research and development team will keep abreast of the market and create outstanding products。


      The modern chicken slaughtering and chicken products processing system and the strong r&d team have made the products of the excellent company long and prestigious in the sales market. Excellent brand series products are sold in the northeast, Beijing, Shanghai and other 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions by joining special selling, agent, group purchase and self-operation. Abundant industrial foundation and efficient service efficiency, excellence attracts the attention of the world, and in the development of the company's products are now exported to bahrain, kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Korea, Afghanistan, azerbaijan, six countries and Hong Kong special administrative region。

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